Samsung stairs

These stairs lead up to the flagship Samsung shop in Kings Cross. The under stair lighting combined with natural bright sunlight complements the indoor / outdoor feel of the place. And the vertical lines everywhere contrast nicely with the brickwork in the background.

Lockdown lunch

Walking around Kings Cross (where I have worked since September), I have been struck by the emptiness of the place. At lunchtime, when you would expect the shops, restaurants and cafes to be full, hardly anyone is there. There is a walkway around the central cutout section, a good spot to people watch. For this… Continue reading Lockdown lunch


A walk through Hampstead Heath on a blustery autumnal day. This part of the Heath is wide open, with isolated trees standing up to the wind and rain. My son runs from his mother and younger brother to chase the crows which have gathered in the open. They squawk and call to each other as… Continue reading Hey!