Under construction

Though Coal Drops Yard and Granary Square are slick and sophisticated, much of Kings Cross is still a construction site. Most of the people around at dawn are construction workers sipping coffees before the day’s work begins. Here is the Coal Drops Yard Christmas tree – baubels inside!


The Sun is low in the sky this time of year – I took this shot at lunchtime! There are still some things to keep us entertained at Coal Drops Yard during lockdown. The restaurants and cafes are offering takeaway treats to be enjoyed on the numerous seats and benches in the area. This is… Continue reading Nonchalance

Christmas at Coal Drops

The Christmas lights have gone up surprisingly early in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross (but do we say that every year?). Here they are all lit up early one morning. No crowds today though – the restaurants and shops will remain closed for at least the next 2 weeks.

Poor teddy!

A neon orange teddy lies forlornly in the weeds and dead leaves of an alley in Kings Cross. Reward if found!

Mirroring nature

I caught this scene whilst cycling along a raised walkway at Coal Drop Yard in Kings Cross. I was dawn and the Sun was shining hazily through the early morning fog. I love the way the lamps along the walkway mirrored the colour in the sky. A moment of calm before the hecticness of London… Continue reading Mirroring nature

Gasholder mirrors

This is Gasholders Park in Kings Cross, London. It is surrounded by a circular bench and lots of mirrors. A little unnerving to walk through, you’re not quite sure whether you will walk into space or a mirror! The afternoon winter light is already casting long shadows at 1pm. The blue sky casts beautiful reflections… Continue reading Gasholder mirrors

Samsung stairs

These stairs lead up to the flagship Samsung shop in Kings Cross. The under stair lighting combined with natural bright sunlight complements the indoor / outdoor feel of the place. And the vertical lines everywhere contrast nicely with the brickwork in the background.

Lockdown lunch

Walking around Kings Cross (where I have worked since September), I have been struck by the emptiness of the place. At lunchtime, when you would expect the shops, restaurants and cafes to be full, hardly anyone is there. There is a walkway around the central cutout section, a good spot to people watch. For this… Continue reading Lockdown lunch