Back In The Field

Back In The Field home recording.

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‘Thankyou’ Led Zeppelin cover with Dan Thompson at the Bugle, Yarmouth August 2014

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Island Music

I’ve started exploring music venues, where I can both play and enjoy acoustic style music from time to time.

I went to the weekly Folk Night at Atherton Barns – The Dairyman’s Daughter pub for the second time last night and took my guitar with me this time. Very different to the first time I went just to look and see, about a month previously.

I played The Wreckers’ Prayer,  The Rowan Tree and The Nutmeg Tree.

There’s a monthly folk club at the Castle Inn, Newport and although I didn’t take my guitar I still ended up singing Captain Coulston and Going Up Camborne Hill.

Also Monthly, the events called ‘Cameron Soiree (Open Mic Night)’ at Dimbola, here in Freshwater down by the bay. The one in March had a lower attendance and I ended up playing Wreckers Prayer and Yellow Boat, Shifting Sands, followed by ‘Waiting‘ with new collaborator Dan Thompson on hand drum, and as the evening finished up a version of Mazet, Rowan Tree and Nutmeg tree. Was that six songs altogether?

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Get Tips From Musician’s Podcasts

Get Tips From Musician’s Podcasts

woman listening to a podcast

Podcasts are being listened to again.

Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and even musicians are embracing podcasting when it comes to promoting their own brand or product. You don’t need to have advanced technical skills to set up your own internet radio show; with the proper tools that you can easily find online, your podcast can be just as successful. Don’t be discouraged when you think nobody cares or nobody listens to what you have to say, a podcast around 30-45 minutes long is perfect. When you are committed and passionate about your music, let’s say you want to share tips and tricks about setting up your pedal board or Les Paul or maybe you just want to make a playlist about 70’s classic rock, people are bound to subscribe to your podcast.

During your launch day, this is going to be pivotal as iTunes will release it under “New and Noteworthy”. You should take advantage of this and use this opportunity to churn out around three to four podcasts because yours will be eligible for 8 weeks in the top 100 “New and Noteworthy” that will be seen by a million users. But asides from iTunes another trick is to join forums that have a niche market. It’s also a good idea to plug your site in these forums only if you do it discreetly by using your website link as your comment signature. With a lively and creative podcast, it’s a great venue where enthusiasts and players can share links, information and even news and updates.

Finally, content is king and you have to always aim for excellent content that you are genuinely interested about. Deliver your content with enthusiasm and sincerity and you will win a solid following. Always keep in mind that your podcast should be something that you would want to listen to and make sure that your audio quality is perfect.

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Podcast #60 with Random Songs

After missing just one week due to illness the podcast is back without any notification, being as much a surprise to myself as to anyone else. At 2.30pm on Sunday 10th March i glanced at the clock and decided to go ahead and do one. This of course meant  that no potential setlist had been prepared whatsoever, and I hadn’t been playing much at all the past two weeks so the question of what to play was going to become an urgent one. So after kicking off with a old favourite cover song from way back when I decided to call up the wiki of Andy Roberts songs for inspiration but rather than browse through the categories I just hit the “Random Page” button.

Random Page button

Random Page button 


So podcast episode #60 is named “the random edition” due to the use of the random page link to suggest songs which have been included on the fly during the recording of the show.

Here are the links, file details show notes and set list: [display_podcast]

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Download MP3 file to save – 29.9Mb in size, duration 21 minutes 03 seconds :- 60 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 60.mp3 Song list show notes:

  1. Down Drinking At The Bar – by Loudon Wainwright
  2. The Wreckers’ Prayer
  3. Cajun Cooking Song
  4. Joan of Arc
  5. I’m gonna live in a Pod



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Podcast #59 Why are We Sleeping

Podcast #59 is named after a cover of the song by Kevin Ayres and the Soft Machine included this week as a tribute to the artist who sadly died last week. There’s also a Roy Harper cover and two originals making four songs altogether.

Here are the links, file details show notes and set list: [display_podcast]

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Download MP3 file to save – 27.88Mb in size, duration 20 minutes 17 seconds :- 59 Andy Roberts Podcast Episode 59.mp3 Song list show notes:

  1. Mazet
  2. Standing By
  3. Why are We Sleeping – Kevin Ayres & Soft Machine
  4. I’ll See you Again – Roy Harper



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